Watch Shay Mitchell Run Topless Through Los Angeles To Celebrate Hitting 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Emily Gadsby
Shay Mitchell ran naked through the streets of Los Angeles
(Photo: Getty Images)

If you thought that Shay Mitchell, breakout star of the drama series “Pretty Little Liars” and certified Internet sweetheart couldn’t get any more likable with her “girl next door” vibe and wicked sense of humor–you’re 100% wrong. 

Skyrocketing to viral fame with the unique brand of unfiltered realness showcased on her YouTube channel, Michell chose to honor smashing the “3 million subscriber” milestone with a stunt that was equal parts daring and revealing. 

In a video titled “I Ran Naked Through The Streets Of LA,” Mitchell dons only a unicorn mask and a pair of “nice buns” panties to streak down the famed Sunset Boulevard. Before embarking on her naked jog, however, Mitchell paused to thank her fans for their continued support. 

“So I hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube and I am so, so excited,” she said. “I can’t tell you how much this means to me to have you guys coming along especially since when I first started the channel it was uncharted territory and now it’s just a learning experience every single week.”

While debating how to thank her fans for the accomplishment, Mitchell revealed she was forced to make good a promise that she made while on “shaycation” with her assistant Sammy in Morocco. “Do you remember when you were like, ‘Yeah, I’ll run through the street naked when I hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube? It’s a legally binding conversation and it’s like a bet, it’s like a deal and I’ll never take anything you say seriously again if you don’t do it,'” said Sammy. 

After a moment of brief consideration, Mitchell proved she was more than game by donning a “majestic and beautiful” unicorn mask and hitting the streets of Los Angeles, sans shirt and bra. “Never say that I don’t stick to a deal!” yelled the 30-year-old actress before heading out on her topless jog. 

Watch the full video below to see Mitchell toss her clothes to the side and stop her neighbors in their tracks: