Leave Stormi Webster’s $22K Shoe Collection Alone, Because Kylie Jenner Can Afford To Do Whatever TF She Wants

Emily Gadsby
Stormi Webster's $22k shoe collection
(Photo: @kyliejenner / Instagram)

At just over 5 months old, Stormi Webster already boasts a walk-in closet with designer duds that cost more than my mama’s rent. Characteristically unapologetic regarding her multimillion-dollar fortune, Kylie Jenner shows no shame in hopping onto her favorite social media platform to share a snap of her daughter’s mind-blowing footwear selection. 

Just because Jenner’s 5-month-old baby that she shares with “Butterfly Effect” rapper Travis Scott can’t walk yet, that doesn’t mean she deserves to have her feet looking anything else but ultra fresh. 

Stormi Webster’s $22K shoe collection

“Dad gave her a bunch of vintage shoes, so … I’m about to see if she likes shoes,” said Jenner, referring to her newborn daughter who undoubtedly still spends most of her day napping and filling her diaper.

Summoned by Jenner’s post celebrating her excess wealth, the Twitter police showed up in full force to slam the 20-year-old Kylie Cosmetics CEO for gifting her daughter with “unnecessary” accessories. 

“Does anyone think that this dog house with.A\C and heat and a 5 months old huge shoe collection is a tacky display of wealth? consideration ppl r hungry and hurting fr heat,” tweeted one critic, upset by the $1,000 pair of personalized Giuseppe Zanottis and other high-end footwear brands on full display. 

Just because you don’t agree with Jenner’s spending habits doesn’t mean that the super-rich reality star is recklessly blowing her money. Well on her way to becoming a billionaire, Jenner operates on a completely different fiscal level than the rest of us normies, dropping stacks on purchases that only other members of her ultra-exclusive tax bracket could ever understand. 

Yes, there are always charities in need that would appreciate the $4,000-a-month budget Jenner set aside for her daughter’s shoe collection, but it’s not the lip kit queen’s responsibility to shoulder such a burden. There will ALWAYS be widespread global problems and conflicts in need of funding, but societal pitfalls and Jenner’s wealth are two completely separate entities. 

Jenner worked hard for her bankroll, so quit coming for her on Twitter just because she can afford to give her child the very best that money can buy.