Taylor Swift Fans And Nicki Minaj Fans Are Joining Forces To Bump Cardi B Off The Charts


Swifties and #TheKINGDOM (RIP Barbz) are linking up, and, no, it’s not because of T-Swift’s new “bad b—-” persona that has her digging graves and taking names. 

Stans of both the pop princess and queen of rap are linking up across the globe for the ultimate Billboard Hot 100 Showdown, leaping over music genres to keep newcomer Cardi B from nabbing the No. 1 spot. 

When Swift bit the pearls and released “Look What You Made Me Do,” a very public airing of grievances that put the industry on blast she catapulted from No. 77 to No. 1 on the charts, bumping off the smooth summer dance hit “Despacito.” With “LWYMMD” sitting pretty on its snake throne, everything was as it should be: Swift was at the top, and with seven other No. 1 titles to her name, no one was surprised. 

However, Cardi B proved to the music world she really is the “hottest in the streets” with the debut of her smash single “Bodak Yellow.” With a bump-through trap beat and party rap lyrics, the Brooklyn rapper’s fire single rose to No. 2 on the Hot 100, slated to soon edge out the top spot. Cardi B’s fans, the #BARDIGANG, are now desperate to see the newcomer dethrone industry veteran Taylor Swift. 

Nicki Minaj superfans are not thrilled about a female reality star-turned-rapper coming for the reigning queen of rap without putting in her time, and have teamed up with Swifties in an unlikely partnership to keep “LWYMMD” at the top. Minaj, who has never had one of her singles reach No. 1, is notably not  feuding with Cardi B, but #TheKINGDOM still isn’t here for it. They took to Twitter to express their desire to keep the top spot for a single released by a female rapper open for Minaj (and Minaj alone) to claim.

This drama is yet another examples of Swifties doing the most for their queen, but now that Barbz have joined in we can’t help but wonder…

…can’t women support each other on their come-up?