Tessa Brooks Drops A Shocking Team 10 Announcement In Her Latest Vlog

Emily Gadsby
Tessa Brooks announced that she was leaving Team 10
(Photo: @tessabrooks / Instagram)

In her latest vlog made to commemorate the close of 2017, Tessa Brooks announced that she was leaving Team 10.

Brooks’ decision to leave Jake Paul’s infamous social media incubator comes at a time when the once-powerful viral dynasty has been left weakened from a serious member-retention problem. Following AJ Mitchell’s decision to leave the self-marketing management company, the Dobre twins, Neels Visser, Max Beaumont, Alissa Violet and the Martinez twins all followed suit and distanced themselves from the allegedly toxic environment of the Team 10 house

The news comes as only somewhat of a surprise to the millions of Team 10 followers who have noticed Brooks becoming less involved in producing group content. On the viral star’s social media accounts, uploads involving other members of Team 10 are either throwbacks or post-dated pics. 


Throwback to Christmas time w/ these fools

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Brooks brought the hype to Twitter by posting news of the upcoming announcement.

To ring in the 2018, Brooks uploaded a vlog cataloguing her experiences throughout the previous year while also thanking her fans for their continued support. As a treat for viewers who “watched until the end,” Brooks then slipped in a short confirmation of her departure.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I am no longer in Team 10,” she said. “I will definitely explain more in a later video but for now, it’s the New Year, it’s New Year’s Eve…I don’t want to get into all of that. Peace guys, I love you.”

After a flurry of bad press hitting Team 10 in the recent months, it came as no surprise when fans took to Twitter to announce their support of Brooks severing ties with Paul and his media machine. 

Tbh, we can’t wait for Brooks to finally spill the tea on EXACTLY why she left Team 10. 

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