The “Real Reason” Kylie Jenner Named Her Daughter Stormi Has Twitter Seriously Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
The fan theory behind Kylie Jenner naming her daughter Stormi
(Photo: Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott stans are not letting go of the couple’s “butterfly” symbol of love trickling down to the name of their daughter, Stormi Webster. Days after the arrival of her newborn daughter, Jenner took to Instagram to gift her millions of followers with a “glimpse” into the last nine months of the Lip Kit queen’s life, complete with a flurry of butterfly imagery. During the video, Jenner visibly wraps her fingers around a silver butterfly necklace before showing off the delicate butterfly accents adorning her daughters room. In what appears to be further confirmation, both Jenner and boyfriend Scott can be seen flexing matching tattoos featuring the same eye-catching insect. 


Along with the latest “Posie K” anniversary product launch pushed by Kylie Cosmetics and Travis Scott’s 2017 hit track “Butterfly Effect,” fans were convinced the young couple named their firstborn either Butterfly or Posie (a shortened form of mariposa, the Spanish word for butterfly). With these social media sleuths putting in so much legwork, it’s not surprising that Twitter was devastated after Kylie revealed that she named her daughter Stormi instead. 

Unable to simply let the theory die, fans then speculated that Jenner was simply operating on a higher plane of thought than the rest of us non-millionaires.  According to stan Twitter, Jenner and Scott chose the name Stormi based on the butterfly effect of chaos theory that states that an action as small as the flap of butterfly’s wings can create a massive storm (AKA Stormi) days later. 

““Stormi” is short for Storm,” wrote one user, exploring the complexities of Jenner’s alleged motivations for selecting the moniker. “A storm can be caused by a minute localized change in a complex system. That’s known as the butterfly effect. Butterfly in Spanish is Mariposa…”

While neither Jenner nor Scott has responded to the fan theory, the Internet is undeniably shook by the connection. After all, if the queen of Snapchat can keep her pregnancy a secret for nine months it’s safe to say that anything is possible.