A Timeline Of Every Boyfriend Camila Cabello Has Ever Dated

A Timeline Of Every Boyfriend Camila Cabello Has Ever Dated April 19, 2018

Camilla Cabellos boyfriend list

    Camila Cabello’s boyfriends: Who has she dated?
    Camila Cabello is arguably the biggest pop star on the planet right now after releasing her No. 1 album Camila back in January. And on the back of world-wide smash “Havana,” she’s now steadily climbing the charts with new single “Never Be the Same.” The former Fifth Harmony hitmaker is a bonafide household name. And so it seems like the perfect time to offer an exhaustive timeline of Camila Cabello’s boyfriends. I’m talking about rumors, confirmed SO’s and everything in between. Camila has dated or been linked to some of the most eligible, handsome, and famous young celebs on the planet. So here’s everyone Camila Cabello’s dated.

    Austin Mahone

    Camilla Cabellos boyfriend list
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    Camila’s first boyfriend was singer Austin Mahone, whose boyish good-looks and popular covers made him a massive Youtube star. Born in San Antonio, he was signed to his first record deal at 16, releasing a bunch of EPs and Extended Plays in the subsequent years. He is now working on his debut album, which should be out sometime this year.