YouTube Star Trisha Paytas Brings Tasteful Nudity To Social Media, Twitter Freaks Out

Emily Gadsby
Trisha Paytas tweeted a nude pic
(Photo: @trishapaytas / Instagram)

Move over Kim Kardashian, famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas tweeted a nude pic of herself and ALSO broke the Internet. The Internet personality didn’t make her fans slide slide into her DM to beg for nudes. She sent them herself.

Ever the confident body-positive advocate, the 29-year-old YouTube sensation took to Twitter to school her followers about the difference between nudity and porn. Proving that candid photos can embrace the bare aesthetic of the human form and still be tasteful, Paytas shared this revealing snap with her nearly 400,000 followers:

“A naked body should be celebrated, not sexualized! So good morning from me and my unedited naked bum ☀️ cellulite , rolls , and all ! ,” she captioned the pic. The YouTuber-turned-actress/singer was quick to reference the fact that her form doesn’t conform to the rigid standards of the beauty industry, a theme that the star often explores in her music. 

In the slowed-down dialogue break in Paytas’ “Fat Chicks” song, the celeb has this to say about the often nasty connotations stored within the “fat” label. 

“Now I know, I know. Fat is a word used to negatively bring down the girls with a little extra junk in the trunk, but being called ‘fat’ is just a label,” she says. “A label put on to us by others who can’t handle all this wow, wow, wow. So I’ll take that label and wear it because it does not define meYou want to call me fat? Well, you’d be right. I am F-A-T: Fabulous and tasty.”

Paytas’ confidence proved to be infectious as her tweet’s comment section  soon flooded with fans praising her boldness.

One follower even crowned the social media star as the “queen of body posi,” a title not to be taken lightly by the movement centered around self-love and the eradication of fat-shaming.

Hats (and clothes) off to Paytas’ ray of positivity shining through the constant negativity- you go, girl!