Veronica Vega Is Getting Completely Splashed On Twitter For Thinking She Can Use The N-Word

Emily Gadsby
Veronica Vega thinks that she can use the N-word
(Photo: Getty Images)

While Veronica Vega, aka “La Barbie Latina,” has never paid much attention to her haters, the Polow Da Don-repped singer can no longer ignore the wave of backlash surrounding her repeated use of racial slurs. 

During a recent episode of the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami,” the Cuban-American performer offered a flimsy justification of her use of the N-word that immediately caught heat on social media. While chatting with Trina about the use of the phrase “n—-s ain’t shit” in her viral hit “Pay Me,” Vega explained exactly why she had no problem slipping the line into the song. 

“It’s true. It’s a conversation, culturally that’s just always like, revolves and just keeps on going,” argued Vega. “What permits me the ability to say certain things in a certain culture–like, why am I not? Because my skin isn’t dark enough? ”

“But when I walk into a room full of white motherf—ers, guess what happens? They treat me like an ‘other,'” she continued. “Any time you’ve been discriminated against, that struggle of being treated different–minority–you a n—-. Look at all of these motherf—ers in Puerto Rico right now with no power after this hurricane happened…they n—-s. I don’t feel like I owe anybody a conversation to be like, ‘Oh yeah, my great-grandmother…she’s from Africa.'” 

Despite the fact that Vega moved to bench the discussion as a “bigger conversation to be had,” Twitter quickly condemned the up-and-coming star’s weak explanation. 

In an effort to prove the ease with which she includes the slur into her day-to-day vocabulary, Vega then took to Twitter to tweet the controversial word to her thousands of followers. 

If Vega is hoping for longevity in an industry rife with colorism and appropriation, the “Wicked” singer needs to take a note from social media and step back.