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The Weirdest Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion Of All Time

The Weirdest Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion Of All Time February 23, 2018

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    For every avant-garde, Comme des Garcons look Rihanna has slayed, there’s a celeb who feels confident enough to wear a Canadian tuxedo. Like, even on the red carpet. And sometimes, those overconfident stars even come in pairs. (Yes, I’m talking about you, 2001 Britney and Justin.) Whether facing paparazzi while their stylist was on vacation, or just daring to try something new, these stars made headlines. But they made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. So take a break from wondering, “What were they thinking?” And, instead, enjoy this ultimate collection of the wildest, weird red carpet outfits we’ve ever seen.

    Ellie Goulding

    IMAGE BY: John Phillips / Getty Images

    Ellie Goulding must have stopped by the 2018 BRIT Awards on her way to an ’80s-themed business meeting because that’s the only situation that would explain the singer’s ENORMOUS shoulder pads. Accented by a plunging neckline and sleek black heels, the 31-year-old singer did manage to make a statement with her attire–that there is definitely a reason why shoulder pads went out of style. Note to Goulding–not all fashion is cyclical.