Yara Shahidi Is Totally Going To Be President One Day, According To Lin-Manuel Miranda

Emily Gadsby
Yara Shahidi is Lin-Manuel Miranda's ideal president
(Photo: WENN / Getty Images)

Just because actress Yara Shahidi is “Grown-ish” now, that doesn’t mean that she’s simply on track to win an Academy Award–according to “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda, she will one day hold the highest office in the land. 

Sharing a joint appreciation for the intersection of creative expression and political activism, Shahidi and Miranda of course made it a point to link up while attending Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Conversations event hosted at the Apollo Theater in New York City. Clearly moved by their encounter, Miranda took to Twitter to post an emotional throwback picture from the star-studded gathering. 

“That time I met the future president,” wrote the Tony Award-winning actor in reference to Shahidi’s bright future (which has also been endorsed by the former FLOTUS, btw). 

Not to be outdone, Shahidi retweeted the photo and added her own heartfelt caption.

“The time I met the man who changed my life through song and got me through my AP US History class,” she wrote.

Despite the fact that the 18-year-old actress previously revealed to W magazine that she plans to double major in African American studies and sociology while in college, fans of Shahidi’s proposed future political career flocked to social media to voice their support.

“nothing but respect for MY president (and you too, lin man)” wrote one Twitter user.

“I was at the Apollo that day and could not agree with you more. No one has surprised and blown me away more with intellect, charm, and compassion,” wrote one fellow Super Soul Conversations attendee. 

Tbh, we’re totally on board for Shahidi/Miranda in 2020.