Well, It Finally Happened: I Feel Bad For Blac Chyna Now

Emily Gadsby
YBN Almighty Jay finally broke up with Blac Chyna
(Photo: Getty Images)

At this point, it seems obvious that we really need to start an online petition to sign Blac Chyna up for relationship counseling. While nursing both a broken heart and a bruised bank account in the aftermath of her nasty split with Rob Kardashian, the reality star turned to 19-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay for comfort. With the deluded hope of finding love with a barely legal teen lighting her torch, Chyna expertly dodged criticism of their courtship, which began in late February 2018. 

However, just three months after the headline-making start to their relationship, YBN Almighty Jay took to Instagram to follow up on his previous promise to leave the 30-year-old for good.

YBN Almighty Jay finally broke up with Blac Chyna

“Blac Chyna and I are no longer together,” wrote the “Chopsticks” rapper in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Yikes. Regardless of the fact that I’m definitely, 100 percent #TeamRob in the ongoing Rob Kardashian vs. Blac Chyna custody and social media smear battle, I feel for the mother of two. Public breakups are never easy, and Chyna has it worse than most celebrities who decide to part ways because failed age-gap/rebound romances never make for good publicity. Clearly, sis has some stuff going on that she needs to work through before taking another romance to the next level. 

TBH, I’m also genuinely glad to hear that the Lashed CEO is in a good place after getting the boot from her teenage beau. 

“She’s doing really well. She is focused on her children, her health and her fitness,” said a source close to the reality star.

Hopefully, Chyna can find peace in the aftermath of the split and focus on some much-needed self-improvement.