YouTuber Alex Bertie Is Furious After His Transition Photos Were Used To Fuel Anti-Trans Hate

Emily Gadsby
Alex Bertie transition
(Photo: @therealalexbertie / Instagram)

British YouTuber Alex Bertie is a certified icon in the LGBTQIA community, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers following his FTM transition over the past seven years. Offering such an intimate glimpse into an often private grueling set of physical, mental, and emotional struggles, Bertie has emerged as an unwavering point of inspiration for countless trans individuals. 

Despite Bertie’s best intentions to uplift others with a struggle similar to his own, his transparency has been used as a weapon in a recently released article by The Daily Mail, a British middle-market tabloid. 

Bertie announced on Twitter that the Daily Mail used his pictures without consent as a visual supplement to their anti trans article, espousing discriminatory remarks that the YouTuber has fought so valiantly against. 

According to the article, viral celebrities like Bertie are “making being transgender ‘cool’” and that increased acceptance for trans individuals is “sparking a ‘social contagion’, which has resulted in the rapidly increasing numbers of young people identifying as transgender.”

The tone of the piece is incredibly condescending, minimizing the genuine crisis of gender identity while blaming trans activists for mind-hive pressuring the NHS into “not challenging teens stuck in the wrong body.” Blaming the NHS’ record number of children referred to seek transgender treatment (50 a week) on such influences, Bertie now has to contend with a fresh wave of anti-trans hate on his social media.

The movement condemning Bertie and other like-minded YouTubers now even has its own hashtag: #StopTransingOurKids.

Bertie has opted out of responding to the hate directly and instead posted a very succinct reaction to the backlash and anger at the circulated pic: