YouTuber Zoe Sugg Apologizes For Hateful Tweets, But Twitter Is Not Buying It

Emily Gadsby
YouTuber Zoe Sugg apologizes
(Photo: @zoella / Instagram)

YouTuber and Internet personality Zoe Sugg (who goes by Zoella on social media) is in scalding hot water after some Twitter sleuths dug through her post history. The viral superstar’s rookie mistake – not scrubbing her years-old tweets once her lifestyle and fashion vlogs hit the multi-million-subscriber mark – has come back to bite her. 

While the Instagram superstar was busy putting out fires over her Advent calendar fiasco, a Twitter scandal was brewing over a series of homophobic, classist and slut-shaming remarks. Sugg deleted the controversial tweets, but that was pointless. She forgot the golden rule of social media: Screenshots are forever.

In the tweets, Sugg uses abhorrent phrases like ” fat chav” and “tramp” while making fun of gay men’s attempts “to appear macho” and snidely mocking those who can’t afford expensive designer clothes. 

While Sugg’s word choice and act of reducing minorities into single, mocking stereotypes is certainly problematic, it was her half-assed attempt at an apology that really riled up her critics. Following the uproar, Sugg issued this hastily worded apology without ever owning up to what made her remarks so offensive in the first place.

“I’ve seen a few of my old tweets from 7/8 years ago floating around (which I have now deleted) using words like “chav” “skank” and other words I wouldn’t use now as part of my language and lot of them were taken out of context referring to TV shows but I would never say those things now and I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, that was not my intention,” wrote Sugg in her apology tweet.

“Obviously that is not who I am today and I’d like to think I’m a little older and wiser! I’m not perfect and I’ve never claimed to be, I’m only human!”

Sugg’s critics were quick to pounce on the deflection:

While the cost of Sugg’s insanely-priced advent calendar was halved as a result of the controversy, its unlikely we’ll hear anything else from the “Girl Online” author regarding her lack of tact.

What do you think? Should Zoella clarify her apology over these 8-year-old tweets?

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