10 Celebrity Seasonal Baes to Get You Through Summer

Emma Collins
(Photo: FameFlyNet)

We know what you’re thinking: What the hell is a “seasonal bae”? It’s pretty easy to explain—someone who’s fun for the moment, but you know for whatever reason would never last as a long-term relationship. A summer fling, basically.

These are the celebs who give us that ~seasonal~ vibe, but if there are any you think we left off, let us know in the comments.

1. Liam Hemsworth


After his relationship with Miley Cyrus, Liam’s probably not ready to get into something for the long haul again, but whatever, that’s cool. Just ask Eiza González.


2. Alex Pettyfer


He’s good for hitting up the beach with and some outdoor promenade shopping in Santa Monica, but once summer’s over, so will the relationship and that’s all right ‘cause #seasonal #bae.


3. Zac Efron


With all the alleged reports of drugs and alcohol concerning Zac these last few months, there’s no way you could seriously get invested in a Zeflationship. Not now, anyway = #SEASONAL.


4. Josh Hutcherson


A cute guy you can fit in your pocket, but once you’re ready to change your pants it’s like bye, bae!


5. Adam Levine


Adam seems like a genuinely fun guy. But how serious is he? That’s a whole other story.


6. Harry Styles


Harry’s a total wild card and there’s a reason all those Mick Jagger comparisons exist.


7. Kellan Lutz


Kellan has never grown out of that frat boy image and as anyone who’s been to college can testify, these sorts of dudes come and go like every other semester.


8. Jai Courtney


He checks off all the boxes physically, but is it enough to sustain the entire summer of your courtship?


9. James Franco


If your summer is leading you down a more experimental path, then James is definitely the one for you. You can take weirdness but only for about three months at a time.


10. Chris Pine


You could have a really good time with Chris, but you can see that he’s one of those guys who puts his career before anything else, which is a sure sign of a #seasonal #bae.

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