10 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 Oscars

Matt Dekneef

The Oscars is the most classy and tasteful awards show of the season, or so they want you to think. Because sprinkled in with all the glamorous dresses and moving speeches were a handful of pretty awkward moments.

1. When Ellen called Liza Minnelli a drag queen…

…and Liza didn’t find it too funny.


2. When Jim Carrey did his impression of Bruce Dern…

Getty Images

…and Bruce couldn’t really hear him.


3. When Kim Novak…

Getty Images

…was Kim Novak.


4. When Zac Efron looked impeccable…

Getty Images

But flubbed his lines.


5. When Liza assaulted Lupita Nyong’o after her Oscar win.

Getty Images


6. When Bill Murray said “2013 Oscar”…

Getty Images

When he meant “2014.” Get with the times, Bill!


7. When Whoopi Goldberg wore this.

Getty Images

You do you, Whoopi.


8. When John Travolta…

Getty Images

…called Idina Menzel “Adele Dazim.”


9. When Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel captivated us…

Getty Images

…with their awkward chemistry.


10. When the Frozen songwriters won for “Let It Go”…

Getty Images

…and gave the most music theater-y acceptance speech ever.

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