10 Pictures Amanda Bynes Has Approved For Use

Madison Vanderberg

Anytime a blog or tabloid posts a story about Amanda Bynes but uses a paparazzi photo, Amanda will put you on blast. Amanda has curated a selection of selfies that she posts on her Twitter account and constantly begs the gossip world to ONLY use her photos. Amanda, you asked for it, so we provided.

These are the photos Amanda has deemed worthy, beautiful, and hot. These are the photos deserving of a caption from Amanda like, “I love this one!” and “This is my favorite.”

These photos represent the best possible photos that exist of Amanda anywhere on the Internet and have been sanctioned by Amanda’s Twitter itself. Enjoy.

1. Out of focus, soft lighting, that white beanie that Amanda adores. Amanda is angelic.

2. Amanda is 100% okay with this photo being used by the gossip world. She’s even okay with the socks and Adidas sandal combination.

3. If the paparazzi could capture Amanda Bynes as if she were a cat more often, then Amanda probably wouldn’t protest.

4. Amanda in dog form is always approved by Ms. Bynes.

5. Amanda is in best form when one of her eyes is mid-wink. She really adores this look.

6. Again, this photo features Amanda’s favorite semi-blink. Naturally, the caption on this photo is “rawr,” because obviously that’s what Amanda is doing here.

7. Amanda loves this photo so much, she wants to see it four times.

8. The return of the wink. Also, this photo is hands down Amanda’s favorite because she called it “My Fave Pics.”

9. Wet hair, don’t care. No seriously, Amanda doesn’t care if her hair is wet.

10. Prison shirt, smurf beanie, Amanda is a huge fan of this outfit. She took about a half dozen photos while wearing it.

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