10 Reasons Miley Cyrus Should Be the New Peter Pan

Madison Vanderberg

Last month, Carrie Underwood starred in the live TV version of The Sound of Music on NBC and it got super high ratings.

So naturally, NBC wants to repeat that success with another live-TV-musical. How lucky for us.

Anyways, they’ve named Peter Pan as the next musical and since they’ll probably want to line up a celeb to helm the titular role, we’re going to make the casting executives’ job easy and tell you all the reasons why Miley Cyrus should be cast as Peter Pan.


1.     For starters, the resemblance is uncanny.


2.     She’s got the wardrobe already.


3.     Miley doesn’t need a wig.


4.     Her body has a kind of boyish charm anyways.


5.     She can sing AND act.


6.     She’s comfortable with tights and spandex.


7.     She already knows how to fly.


8.     Stunts? No problem.


9.     Peter Pan came in through the window; Miley came in like a wrecking ball…same thing.


10. And most importantly, Peter Pan never wants to grow up and Miley Cyrus doesn’t exactly act like a grown-up.

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