10 Words Tabloids Use and What They Really Mean

Matt Dekneef

Celebrity news is an industry based around people doing nothing more than merely existing. To keep you interested, an entire vocabulary has been created to manipulate you into thinking their lives are more exciting than they actually are.

1. “Stepping out”


Definition: Look at this celebrity move their legs back and forth to propel themselves forward into the world, a task that’s no different than what the rest of us do, except they’re famous, you’re not, so it’s an event!!! Saying that a celebrity went outside, breathed in some oxygen, and then converted it into carbon dioxide isn’t as grabby.

Example: “[Katie Holmes] had not tamed her bedhead before stepping out to run some morning errands.” – Daily Mail


2. “Intimate”


Definition: Look at this celebrity as they let you into a super private part of their life you wouldn’t see otherwise! Basically, this person kissed another person and they weren’t getting paid to do it for a scene in a movie or music video.

Example: “[Jessica Simpson] shared an intimate snapshot in which she kisses fiancé Eric Johnson via Instagram on Monday, Feb. 24.” – Us Weekly


3. “Baby bump”


Definition: A celebrity is pregnant, but a tabloid wants to personify their growing belly as something more than just a fleshy carton of human Tupperware. Also, by dubbing it as such, a tabloid is letting you know that while she may look heavier, she isn’t merely fat, which would be disgusting. She has a very good reason to be this large.

Example: “Gwen Stefani’s Baby Bump Looks Bigger Than Ever in Skintight All Black Outfit” – E!


4. “Quietly”


Definition: A celebrity, has chosen to attempt to carry on with their personal life, like any other non-famous person. But famous people struggle to maintain disclosure. Celebrities are always performing for the public and we have the right to know what they’re doing, just as long as we say they’re doing it “quietly.” Note: This is opposed to “loudly dating.”

Example: “A source tells us, ‘They have been quietly spending some time together. It is all very new and recent, and happened while he has been filming in New York.’” – Page Six


5. “Caught”


Definition: A celebrity did something totally innocuous and some random writer wanted to feel an inflated sense of importance for noticing.

Example: “Rihanna Caught Dancing Along At The Drake Concert In Belgium” – Perez Hilton


6. “Plunging”


Definition: A celebrity wore a dress with a low neckline that was SO LOW, it was basically LEAPING RIGHT OFF HER BODY, except it really wasn’t.

Example: “Nicole [Scherzinger] left little to the imagination in the mini number with plunging neckline and low back.” – Mirror


7. “Flaunts”


Definition: A celebrity simply wore an outfit such as a two-piece swimsuit. But because a famous person is always “performing” for the public, it’s a way for the celebrity media to justify calling attention to a person’s body by framing it as if it’s a show the entertainer is putting on. They’re asking for you to look at them.

Example: “Britney Spears Flaunts Fit Bikini Bod” – Yahoo! Celebrity


8. “Debuts”


Definition: A celebrity changed up their look in some insignificant way, but to bring extra scrutiny to it without seeming creepy, a tabloid will say the star is actually premiering it in some way. She cut her hair half an inch and it’s a huge spectacle.

Example: “Jennifer Lawrence debuts new hairstyle.” – Inquisitr


9. “Revealed”


Definition: A celebrity (or their publicist) told someone something and this word will make this information seem exponentially more valuable than it is.

Example: “Ashton Kutcher and pregnant Mila Kunis are expecting a baby girl, source reveals exclusively.” – Us Weekly


10. “Spotted”


Definition: A celebrity goes outside and is noticed by someone, but to make it seem like this is a rare occasion, they’re “spotted.” This is similar to how you might spot a cheetah in the wild.

Example: “Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry fueled romance rumors recently when they were spotted hanging out at Coachella festival.” – entertainmentwise.com

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