12 Best Celebrity Selfies of 2013

Madison Vanderberg

Selfies really came into their own this year. Selfies replaced profile pics and Myspace mirror pics as the new definitive way to capture a narcissistic photo of your own face.

These are the best/memorable/most worthy celebrity selfies from the year.

All other selfies can be lost in the Internet black hole. It doesn’t even matter. 

Kim Kardashian’s white bikini was spiritual.

Beyoncé posted this as a response to her lip-synching debacle at the Presidential Inauguration.

Rihanna, posing with a slow loris, got a bunch of dudes in Thailand arrested.

Michelle Obama giving us #ThrowbackThursday realness.

North West’s first baby selfie was groundbreaking.

Gisele Bündchen doing something other than yoga is revolutionary.

Joe Jonas was breathing life into us with that late 2013 mustache.

Nick Jonas took his clothes off and we cared about him for the first time ever.

Miley Cyrus’ boob looked like Lil’ Kim.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made us wonder if they were back together with this post-breakup double selfie.

Cameron Diaz tried to be ratchet like Miley.

It’s a historical moment any time Lady Gaga shows us what her face really looks like.

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