The 12 Beyonce GIFs We Never Want to End

Matt Dekneef

Public Service Announcement: Beyoncé is awesome.

We can’t stop listening and watching here. Especially watching. Especially-especially when her actions are cut into short, forever-repeating, 4-second GIF files on the Internet.

These are the Beyoncé GIFs we never want to end.

1. Beyoncé shaking uncontrollably, unable to handle her own Beyoncé-ness.

2.  Beyoncé blessing a fan with eternal life/Beyoncé-ness.

3. Mia “Beyoncé” Thermopolis.

4. Beyoncé fixing our country’s education system.

5. Beyoncé scaring the soul out of Matthew Morrison.

6. Beyoncé winning the Super Bowl.

7. Beyoncé winning the Grammys, all the Grammys.

8. Beyoncé just standing there.

9. Beyoncé answering like, “Yes?”

10. Beyoncé getting ready for a night out, patting her weave.

11. Beyoncé chopping it up.

12. Beyoncé leading the way, for humanity.

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