12 Reasons Why We Wish It Was the Summer Olympics

Madison Vanderberg

The Winter Olympics are cool and all, but honestly, we really miss the Summer Olympics. Like, really, really miss it.

1. Because of Nathan Adrian, swimmer.

2. Because of David Boudia, diver.

3. Because of Ryan Lochte, swimmer.

4. Because of Michael Phelps, swimmer.

5. Because of Shea Buckner, water polo.

6. Because of Troy Dumais, diver.

7. Because of Ricky Berens, swimmer.

8. Because of Chay Lapin, water polo.

9. Because of Conor Dwyer, swimmer.

10. Because of Brendan Hansen, swimmer.

11. Because of Cullen Jones, swimmer.

12. Because of Tony Azevedo, water polo.

Do you need any other reasons?

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