12 Times Kanye West Smiled, and Why

Matt Dekneef

This past year Kanye West became known for his stone cold expression in front of the camera.

He has a new family, an ongoing tour, and received critical acclaim for his latest album. Yet in the face of all that success, he still never seems to look happy.

But sometimes the veneer cracks and he gives the world a fleeting smile. He just needs a damn good reason to:

1. Savor these rare instances of Kanye giving us full-blown grins.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Why: He was supporting his friend Pusha T at the My Name Is My Name listening party.

2. Showing-off his teeth and everything.

Kevin Winter/HFA2013/Getty Images

Why: He was about to present an award to director Steve McQueen.

3. So genuine. So real. SO RAW.


Why: North West brings out the best in him.

4. Unbridled display of smileys.

James Devaney/WireImage

Why: He’s just ecstatic to play the part of daddy.

5. It makes you rethink everything you thought about Kanye’s “angry” demeanor.

E!/Perez Hilton

Why: Two words…”Kim” and “Kardashian.”

6. Proof he can smile in any situation if he wants to.


Why: He was a guest of honor on Kris’ summer talk show.

7. He can barely contain his happiness on occasion.

Denise Truscello/WireImage

Why: He’s celebrating his girl’s birthday in Vegas.

8. It’s enough to trick you into thinking he smiles at all times of the day…

Gabriel Olsen/WireImage

Why: He’s literally smiling about style here, rocking that Good Music merch.

9. … and all times of the night.


Why: He and Kim just went shopping.

10. For real: Kim + shopping = always smiling.

Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

Why: Did we mention they love shopping?

11. His smile is basically angelic.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Why: He’s about to talk music, his favorite subject, at the SiriusXM Studios.

12. Just look at him :))))))))))))) 


Why: He talked about being a new dad on Seth Meyer’s “Late Night” show.

They were few and far between, so cherish these smiles when they happen.

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