13 Celebrity Dudes Rocking the Trifecta of Sexy

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Out Magazine)

Reading glasses are sexy. Scruff is sexy. Exposed forearms and/or biceps are sexy. Combine all of them and watch as the heavens above you part because you’ve just unlocked the holy trifecta of sexy.


1. Jake Gyllenhaal in oversized glasses, with scruffy facial hair and a crumpled white tee exposing his forearms never looked better.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


2. Unless we’re talking Jason Momoa in trendy round glasses, scruff, and tatted forearms.

Rommel Demano/Getty Images


3. Zachary Quinto looking hella sharp in glasses, a faint five o’clock shadow, and outstretched forearms.



4. But does it compare to Josh Hartnett?



5. Chris Pine may be the frontrunner here, showing he wrote the book on the trifecta of sexy.



6. Make way for the trifecta of Henry Cavill.



 7. Here’s David Beckham making you swoon by adding his adorable sons to his trifecta.

Jordan Strauss/Getty Images


8. Johnny Depp rocking the trifecta and he knows it.



9. The Goss repping the trifecta while walking out of the most romantic place in the world (a 7-Eleven).



10. Yes, Paul Rudd in glasses, scruff, and exposed forearms. WE NOTICED.



11. Ryan Reynolds bringing the trifecta to a meadow near you.



12. Game over. Because it’s Mark Ruffalo.



13. Do we really have to explain the trifecta anymore? We’ll try for the last time: Here’s William Levy in…*faints*

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