15 Celebrity Ladies Straight Chicks Will Go Gay For (No Questions Asked)

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Pinterest)

We asked the straight chicks of the Shandy Media offices which lovely Hollywood women they would totally GO GAY FOR and surprisingly, ladies want to bang the same ladies that dudes do. Sexuality may be a spectrum, but hotness is just hotness.


1. Nina Dobrev


“She’s absolutely stunning and I can’t stop staring at her photos. She’s cute AND sultry at the same time.”


2. Shakira


“I wanna know if her hips really don’t lie.”


3. J.Lo


“Because she’s absolutely flawless.”


4. Rihanna


“She would be…interesting to say the least.”


5. Beyoncé


“Although her beauty would be distracting.”


6. Taylor Swift


“Because I just want to prance around NY with her in a flawless outfit and hang out with her cats. Maybe I don’t have a crush on her so much as I want to be her assistant?”


7. Kristen Stewart


“Because she is simultaneously beautiful and badass, like Angelina Jolie but less witch-like.” 


8. Mila Kunis


“That voice. And her ‘Black Swan’ performance. Need I say more? ‘BLACK SWAN.’”


9. Amber Heard


“There’s something undeniably attractive about a girl who isn’t just into girls to attract guys. She legit had a serious girlfriend for years and that’s hot. And she’s perfect-looking.”


10. Kate Hudson


“She is effortlessly sexy and seems like an exhibitionist. Like the best friend you are ‘super close’ with.” 


11. Miley Cyrus


NOTE: Circa POST-Pilates, PRE-bowl cut, MID-Bangerz promo

“She has a killer body, raspy voice and she’s obviously freaky. I mean, she must get her inspiration for stage performances from her personal life.”


12. Irina Shayk


“Have you seen those lips and eyes? I feel like she’s already undressing me every time I look at a photo of her!”


13. Kate Upton


“I’d do anything to play with those incredible melons.”


14. Emma Stone


“Because she has great style and will always be way funnier than me.”


15. Salma Hayek


“I’ve always had a thing for Salma Hayek’s amazing curves and sexy accent! Those low-cut and form-fitting dresses…geez! 

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