17 Instagrams Zayn Malik Gifted Us by Finally Going Public

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Instagram)

It’s a date that’ll live on in infamy: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 – The day Zayn Malik made his private Instagram @niazkilam account public.

1. This photo of him cuddling a kitten.


2. This shirtless photo of his back.


3. This photo showing off his impeccable taste in video games.


4. This photo revealing his secret tattoo skills.


5. This “Lazy Sunday” selfie.


6. This insanely adorable #throwbackthursday pic.


7. This photo proving he’s just too cute in glasses.

8. This selfie of him looking real hard.


9. This photo of all his rings.


10. This photo of him getting real serious at the grill.


11. This photo of him channeling Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.


12. This photo of his perfectly groomed beard.


13. This better look at his sleeve tats.


14. This photo of him with the hilarious Kevin Hart.




16. This smolder.


17. Basically any Instagram photo of Zayn is a gift to all mankind.

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