17 One Direction Facts That Will Make You Feel Insanely Old

Matt Dekneef

We love One Direction; but we hate how they make us feel ancient.


1. The oldest One Direction member was born in 1991.

Louis was born on Christmas Eve 1991, so make that a late 1991, practically ’92.


2. The youngest was born in 1994.

That’s Harry, birth date: February 1st, 1994.


3. Harry and Louis are the only two members of One Direction with driver’s licenses.


4. Only one member of One Direction is old enough to drink in the U.S.

That’s Louis.


5. Harry says his favorite song of all time is “Free Fallin’” by John Mayer.

He probably doesn’t know that Tom Petty sang it first.


6. Zayn’s favorite album of all time is “Graffiti” by Chris Brown.

Which was released in 2009, so…a classic?


7. They are the brand ambassadors of Pokémon Black and White.

Y’know, something they’re experts on: cartoons.


8. Harry wasn’t even born when pioneer boy band New Kids on the Block was formed.

In 1984.


9. He wasn’t even born when they broke up!

They released their last album in 1994.


10. Zayn said the first time he was dumped it was by text message.


11. This list of fun facts compiled by One Direction’s fans.


12. And this other “fact” clearly means One Direction fans have no idea who Aerosmith is. 


13. Just One Directions fans in general.

Lots and lots of braces.


14. None of the guys in One Direction will qualify for their 10-year high school reunion until 2020.


15. During the first four seasons of “Rugrats,” they were rugrats in real life.

That show ran from ’91 to ’94.


16. When the first iPod was released in 2001, they were barely 10.


17. Their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” was on “Now That’s What I Call Music 42.”


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