17 Questions We Have for James Franco’s Perviest Selfie Yet

Matt Dekneef

James Franco shared, and then deleted, this shirtless selfie in his underwear and it raised a lot of questions:


1. Why did you take this?

2. Why did you caption it “JUMP ROPE”?


3. Were you hitting on a 17-year-old girl again?



4. Was this supposed to be an Instagram DIRECT Message?



5. Is this some elaborate performance art piece or something?



6. But back to the original selfie, why are you sweating so much?

7. Or did you just step out of the shower?

8. One more time, why did you take this?

9. Um, what color is that underwear exactly?

10. Did you wash it recently?



11. Can you explain those stickers on your phone?

12. Are those flowers? Slices of cake? A kitten?

13. Seriously, WHY did you take this photo?



14. Are you just trolling the entire Internet in your free time?

15. How many of these selfies did you take before deciding this was the perfect one to share?

16. …because you shared it and we have no idea why???



17. Finally, where’s Keegan Allen? Why wasn’t he there too?

The most important question of all!

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