20 Celebs Who Prove the Thigh-Gap Is Overrated

Madison Vanderberg

The thigh-gap is a weird body trend that has been terrorizing the Internet for years. The thigh-gap is that thing when you stand with your feet together and your thighs DON’T touch.

Everyone is trying to get this thigh gap and we think it’s silly to aim for something as trivial as YOUR THIGHS NOT TOUCHING because these 20 GORGEOUS CELEBRITIES don’t have a thigh gap and they look amazing!


One of the hottest women on the planet!

No thigh-gap!


The one and only QUEEN BEY!

No thigh-gap!


The Bajan beauty Rihanna,

ain’t got time for a thigh-gap.


Katy Perry has hands down the best boobs in Hollywood.

Who cares whether or not her thighs touch?!


Britney Spears’ enviable muscular thighs,

she’s never had a gap and it doesn’t matter.


Jennifer Lawrence can’t be bothered by a thigh-gap,

because she’s too busy working out her strong legs!


Shakira’s hips don’t lie,

and neither do her thighs. 


The flawless Jennifer Lopez.

No thigh-gap, no problem.


Pink is too busy being awesome,

to be bothered by a gap between her thighs.


Serena Williams didn’t become a tennis superstar with small thighs.

Muscle breeds Wimbledon winners, gaps don’t.


Kim K is one of the most beautiful women ever.

Thigh-gap or not.


Khloe Kardashian rocks leather pants,

and doesn’t care if her thighs touch, she still looks hot!


The beautiful Scarlett Johansson,

doesn’t have a thigh-gap.


Lady Gaga is proud when naked,

no thigh-gap.


The fierce and fun Ke$ha,

also, no thigh-gap.


The gorgeous Gabrielle Union,


is too busy being fashionable to care about your thigh-gap.


Kate Upton is an international supermodel,

still no thigh-gap.


The beautiful Jessica Simpson,


isn’t worried about a thigh-gap.


Kelly Clarkson is too confident,

to even worry about her thigh size.


Demi Lovato is one of the most empowered and beautiful women in Hollywood

You say “no thigh gap” and we say “no problem.”

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