20 Times Beyonce Woke Up Like Dis and Slayed Us with Her Flawlessness

Matt Dekneef

Beyoncé‘s “***Flawless” is an anthem devoted to being a badass bitch and amazing bed head. But truth be told, it’s a lot to live up to when the gold standard is Queen Bey herself.

1. Beyoncé wakes up in the morning and we imagine it looks like this.

And most days it totally does, don’t get it twisted.

2. And like this.

3. Most definitely like this.

4. But other days she rolls out of bed looking like this, and it’s still a vision of ***FLAWLESS.

“I woke up like dis.”

5. Rollers in her hair and all, y’all.

“I woke up like diiiiis.”

6. No makeup and it’s crazy how stunning she always looks.

7. Like, she wakes up and right away she is glowing.

8. And blinking.


If she hadn’t just slayed us into a coma, we’d all be making wishes upon her.

10. Sometimes she woke up like dis in the most minimal of makeup and then does a magazine cover shoot.

“I’ll take EVERY COPY!” – Us to the publishers of The Gentlewoman, because this is clearly an instant collectible. 
“Every. Copy.”

11. Other days she woke up like dis and decides to drop a full-length album without warning anyone.

12. Then Instagrammed some vegan cupcakes, like it ain’t no thang.

Because she isn’t worried about no album sales. She’s worried about cupcakes lol.

13. Considering the cold hard indisputable FACTS, it’s kind of hard to understand why anyone wakes up in the first place.

Just don’t even set your alarm clocks anymore. Pointless.

14. Because you’ll never look dis ***FLAWLESS when you wake up on your yacht.

15. Or on your second yacht.

You don’t even own half a yacht! Driver, roll up the partition, please.

16. Most days, she woke up like dis and a five-star breakfast is waiting ‘cause she’s a true KWEEN.

17. And on other days, she’ll cook her own breakfast and look this good while doing it, and it scrambles our brains.

Bitches stay poached!

18. When Bey woke up like dis, she always arises wiser than the day before.

She must know something none of us do.

19. It must be something in the water.

No matter where she goes, we imagine an open body of water always follows her because Beyoncé is the more superior force of nature.

20. In conclusion, if it’s a day that ends in a “Y,” Beyoncé woke up like dis and she can’t help it.

Lady, tell ‘em.

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