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2000s Nostalgia Will Come at You Hard

2000s Nostalgia Will Come at You Hard October 2, 2017

2000s Nostalgia

    2000s nostalgia is natural considering how simple things seemed back then. Yes, we had the internet. We spent lots of time online on MySpace and AIM talking with our friends (and with strangers). However, technology wasn’t what it is today.  We weren’t always glued to our phones (unless it was to play Snake on a Nokia). Put on your Uggs, get yourself a boba tea and take a look back at the things we were all very concerned about in the 2000s. Admit it: This was you.


    2000s Nostalgia
    IMAGE BY: Huffington Post

    “TRL” was a one-stop source for the best upcoming music, fashion trends and to see host Damien Fahey go from boy to man. They’re reviving it in 2017, but we’ll see how long that lasts. It’s a ’00s artifact, and that’s how we like it.