26 Celebrities That Look Exactly like Emojis

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Apple)

We have a feeling that those emojis in your iPhone were based on real life celebs…

1. Smile emoji = Jessica Alba

Apple/Getty Images

After all, she’s always had the most photogenic smile.


2. Big smile emoji = Julianne Moore

Apple/Getty Images

Same goes for Julianne, just a little bigger.


3. BIGGEST smile emoji = Julia Roberts

Apple/Getty Images

But it’s Julia with the giant, million-dollar smile.


4. Leonardo DiCaprio = sunglasses emoji


For when he’s spending his days on his yacht, which appears to be every day.


5. Tongue emoji = Miley Cyrus

Apple/Getty Images

Emoji just bein’ Miley!


6. Mad emoji = Kanye West

Apple/Getty Images

All fear, Yeezus.


7. Smirking emoji = Katie Holmes

Apple/Getty Images

Her signature pose is always a half smile, in case you couldn’t tell.


8. Lips emoji = Angelina Jolie

Apple/Getty Images

Not that she can help it.


9. Shocked emoji = Taylor Swift

Apple/Getty Images



10. Expressionless emoji = Victoria Beckham

Apple/Getty Images

You’re not getting a smiling emoji out of this one.


11. Princess emoji = Kate Middleton

Apple/Getty Images

Duchess of Duh.


12. QUEEN emoji = Beyoncé

Apple/Getty Images

Hey Queen Bey, you dropped your crown.


13. Alien emoji = Lady Gaga

Apple/Getty Images

She hatched from an outer space egg, proving she really was born this way (not of this world).


14. Sick emoji = Lily Allen




15. Slantface emoji = Kristen Stewart

Apple/Getty Images

KStew be chilling.


16. Mustachioed emoji = Joe Jonas

Apple/Getty Images

With his mustache only, of course.


17. Boy emoji = Justin Bieber

Apple/Getty Images

He’s 20 years old now, but he still looks like a teen.


18. Baby emoji = Prince George

Apple/Getty Images

The baby emoji deserves the most famous baby in pop culture.


19. Grumpy cat emoji = Grumpy Cat

Apple/Getty Images

Grumpy Cat wears this emoji on her sleeve. Or paw. Whatever.


20. Red dress emoji = Sofía Vergara

Apple/Getty Images

Red is her best color, not to mention she’s also got the attitude.


21. Twinsies emoji = Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss


These two are always hopping ‘bout town together.


22.  Gay couple emoji = Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen


They’re not an actual gay couple, but they have the most adorable relationship.


23.  Video camera emoji = Kim Kardashian

Apple/Getty Images

No matter what she accomplishes (Vogue cover), people still associate her with the tape scandal.


24. Bathtub emoji = Rihanna


At least in the “Stay” music video, that is.


25. Cig, pills, and martini emojis = Lindsay Lohan

Apple/Getty Images

Basically sums up the old (current?) Lindsay.


26.  Muscle emoji = Chris Hemsworth


Because when you think Chris Hemsworth, all you see is arms.

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