32 Times Alexander Skarsgard Impregnated Us with His Mind

Matt Dekneef

There’s something about Alexander Skarsgard that just drives anyone with a pulse crazy. We think it has something to do with his eyes—if you stare deep enough into them, you never know what visceral reaction might take over your body. Such as pregnancy.


1. Look into his eyes.


2. After all, they say eyes are the windows to the soul.


3. And dayum that soul looks delicious.


4. You make eye contact with him,


5. For just 0.5 seconds,


6. And it’s like, whoops, pregnant.


7. Bet you’re already thinking of what to name the baby you’ll raise together.


8. That’s how piercing his eyes are.


9. They just draw you in.



10. He takes his eyes off you, but you can’t take your eyes off him.


11. That’s just how being in his presence works.


12. You’re basically his puppet at this point.


13. He can control you with a subtle movement of his eye.



14. He stares you down/gets you pregnant WHILE driving, because he’s that good at multi-tasking.



15. Even when he’s walking towards you from a distance.


16. Or leaning against a telephone pole.


17. He’s just making all y’all with ovaries pregnant left and right.


18. Wait for it…wait for it…BAM PREGGERS!



19. He impregnated the men of America with this cover.


20. Squinting up a Category 5 storm of pregnancies.


21. Just imagine your baby blessed with this amazing hair.


22. Omg, this eyebrow.


23. Even when he slouches he’s able to perform Immaculate Conception on the minds of all.


24. Or just using a single eye.


25. How about no eyes?


26. No one is safe from carrying a Skarsgard baby, conceived while staring into his eyes.


27. You don’t even mind that your baby would be a human-vampire hybrid.


28. Because look how articulate that baby would be.


29. He’s like one of those paintings that no matter where you stand,


30. It looks like he’s staring directly back at you,


31. Except it gets you pregnant as hell.


32. Skarsgard babies for everyone, yay!

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