5 Stars Who Underwent Extreme Weight Loss Makeovers

Matt Dekneef

It’s not easy living in the spotlight and facing the societal pressures of Hollywood. Body image issues are a central topic in this town and these stars found a way to not cave to anyone else’s preconceived notions about how they should look, finding a way to get fit for themselves, and still remain empathetic and a source of inspiration for others.

Chaz Bono

Singer Cher’s son Chaz lost a staggering 65 pounds, which he revealed last year in April. Chaz cited a healthier diet and regular physical activity to People magazine when he opened up about his new figure, saying “miracle” diets just don’t work. “You just have to change what you eat and I have,” he said. “I really avoid grains and starches, so meats and vegetables and fruits are my diet. I make them all different ways to keep it interesting.”

Jennifer Hudson

The Weight Watchers advocate is another star who captured headlines with her hard earned slimdown. The Oscar-winning actress and singer has lost a grand total of 80 pounds over the past few years and has maintained her weight through it all.

Christina Aguilera

The media unfairly lambasted Christina when she stepped out at the 2012 American Music Awards for her heavier appearance. But Christina said she couldn’t care less and loves her body no matter what. That said, she really showed those critics that her figure is her concern and no one else’s when she attended that same awards show a year later looking fantastic.

Kelly Osbourne

Over the past few years, the “Fashion Police” personality has dropped around 50 pounds, an achievement she credits to hard work and determination.


Snooki has become a vocal advocate for leading a healthier lifestyle, which you never would’ve guessed if you’re knowledge of Snooki is restricted to her stint on “Jersey Shore.” The pint-sized personality shared her diet and exercise regimen regularly last year and couldn’t look happier.  

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