7 Better Alternatives to The Mani-Cam

Matt Dekneef

For seasoned awards show viewers, E!’s dreaded “mani-cam” needs no introduction. In fact, what it really needs is a conclusion, once and for all. Because in its two-year run, as expertly explained by The Cut, it’s become the bane of the red carpet and it’s time to retire it.

But it can’t be sent to Siberia without a proper replacement. Here are seven better alternatives to the cursed mani-cam…

1. The Sideboob Cam


Because sideboob is all the rage this awards season. We can’t miss a single sideboob. Go sideboob or go home.


2. The Earlobe Cam


How do the stars get their earlobes in perfect shape? Hot yoga? Pilates? Did those earlobes hike Runyon every morning since January 1st, 2014? Because viewers really want to know just how much weight a celeb’s earlobe lost in time for awards season.


3. The Follicle Cam


Because when viewers want to know how they get their hair prepped for the red carpet, they want to know down to the microscopic root.


4. The Beard Cam

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Because given all the anxiety and jitteriness on the carpet, there’s no more comforting place than being right inside Michael Fassbender’s beard?


5. The PR Cam


Because a celebrity is only as good as the way they treat their team.


6. The Seacrest Cam

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Because Ryan Seacrest puts everyone’s true height into perspective, so strap a POV cam to Seacrest and see what he sees (Spoiler: It’ll make everyone look really tall).


7. The Photo Bomb Cam


What’s the point of going to a red carpet if you aren’t going to photo bomb fellow stars. The photo-bomb cam makes sure you never miss one wild or spontaneous celeb moment!


7. The Jennifer Lawrence Cam

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Because we’re so Jennifer Lawrence obsessed, let’s just strap a camera to Jennifer Lawrence and have it record her every moment. Let us experience the Oscars AS Jennifer Lawrence. Actually, let’s just rename the Academy Awards the Jennifer Lawrences and then make 33,000 GIFs out of it.

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