7 Photos of Chris Hemsworth Carrying a Baby

Madison Vanderberg

Chris “Perfect Human” Hemsworth is going to be a dad for the second time. Let us rejoice and be glad in it because Chris Hemsworth walking around with a baby in his arms is quite literally the most perfect thing we’ve ever seen.

For your enjoyment, here’s Chris Hemsworth walking around with his baby in his arms.

Chris shuns the use of a stroller or one of those weird baby-carrying pouches. His massive Thor hands are enough for the weight of a little baby.

No, seriously, he never puts the baby down.

Same day, different angle. Daddy’s got baby-carrying skills.

Hey look it’s Mom, doesn’t matter, cuz dad is a baby-carrying pro!

Grumpy baby isn’t a problem for DILF Chris.

Sometimes the baby cries and Chris is like, “hey, be cool.”

Even when she got bigger, he was double-fisting babies AND water bottles. 

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