8 Reasons Why Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest May Already Be Engaged

John Howard

Does anyone else get the sneaky suspicion that Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest are already engaged and just not telling anyone?

Here are 8 reasons why we think so…

1. They’re Both Super-Relevant Right Now: Julianne is a big name right now. Partly because she’s in the movie Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel, and partly because she just talked to news outlets about her abusive childhood that got picked up by everyone.

Ryan’s pretty much always relevant, but even more so now cause of the current season of “American Idol.”

2. They Went on a Romantic Getaway: They were recently photographed on a romantic trip to Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. There’s no way a proposal didn’t go down here.

3. ‘Idol’ Live Shows Are About to Start: What a more romantic way to announce your engagement to the world than during a live show of FOX’s singing competition show? They could really use the ratings, too.

4. Ryan Was in the Dog House: Remember Ryan’s stunt on Season 11 of “Idol” when he pretended he was going to propose to Julianne, then it cut to a commercial?

Well, we do… And Julianne probably does, too. She probably waited for a real ring to forgive him.

5. Josh Reportedly Had to Ask Ryan Permission to Kiss Julianne in ‘Safe Haven’: Sounds like married people talk to us…

6. They Both Want to Do It: They’ve both gone on the record saying that they want to get hitched. Still, we have to endure the torture waiting for them to make it official.

“At the perfect time, and she will be the first to know,” Ryan said on a wedding date during an appearance on “Ellen.”


7. Julianne is a Babe: Seriously. Why wouldn’t Ryan have locked that down yet?

8. Some Outlets Are Already Calling Ryan Her ‘Fiancée’: On Thursday Bang Showbiz identified Ryan as Julianne’s “fiancée.” This is probably just a minor journalistic error. But maybe, just maybe, they’re on to something…