8 Reasons Why Old Britney Spears Is Back

Madison Vanderberg

Since Britney Spears split with Jason Trawick we fear she has been returning to her roots, and no, not her awesome Pepsi-commercial-dances-with-snakes roots, more like her paparazzi-smashing-head-shaving roots.

Brit has been spotted out and about more often than usual lately and it looks like the Britney circa 2007-2009 AKA her “meltdown period.”

Here are 8 reasons why OLD Britney Spears Is Back:

Wearing Shorts: No matter the weather, Britney Spears’ default “going out in public” outfit is shorts. Even in this freakishly cold LA winter, Britney has gone out every day last week in daisy dukes or pajama shorts. Remember this photo circa 2009?

Questionable Hair Choices/Ponytails: Britney probably spends a lot of money on that blonde weave, but then just throws it up into a ponytail. She used to do this all the time and now she’s back at it. She’s also wearing a clip-on ponytail lately, but at least it’s not head shaving or a pink wig.

Carrying Dogs: Britney Spears has a lot of dogs, she’s got like a Miley Cyrus collection of dogs, and remember when she didn’t go anywhere without her little dog Hannah? The photo above is Brit and her son carrying what we think is Hannah or another look-a-like dog, plus a new tiny white dog.

Coffee Bean Trips: Britney used to LIVE at Coffee Bean. Now I think she’s cheating on Coffee Bean with Starbucks, but Britney has returned to her frappuccino and iced tea toting ways lately.

Bra Exposed: Hey, at least she’s wearing a bra. Britney’s bra is a re-occurring thing. It started to peek out in 2007 and has returned with a vengeance.

Eyeliner: Brit loves her eyeliner. Even when she applies no make-up to the rest of her face, she is diligent about eye-liner. Here she is in the past and check out any photo of Brit from this week and she’s rocking a smoky eye 24/7.

Wearing Socks: We never really noticed this, but Britney loves to wear socks. The taller, the better. Here she is several years ago wearing tube socks and look at the socks she’s wearing above. This is weird because several months ago she went on “The Tonight Show” to talk about how she hates wearing socks.  Oh, Britney, will we ever know?

Fedoras: Britney started wearing fedora’s during her “Me Against The Music” music video and then she brought them back out for her melt-down and now she’s still wearing them. Fedoras for when a baseball hat just doesn’t cut it.