Aaron Paul Got Married?

Madison Vanderberg

“Breaking Bad” star and general heart-throb for any woman who has ever seen even one second of “Breaking Bad” might be married. We’re talking about Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul and his fiancé Lauren Parsekian got engaged in October and judging from photos on his Instagram, it looks like he and Lauren secretly got hitched yesterday.

Either that or she likes dressing up in white while he wears a tux and a top hat for funsies?

However, two days ago, Lauren posted several photos on Instagram and wrote that they were from her bridal shower.

Either they threw together the bridal shower and the wedding back-to-back or Lauren wore a wedding-esque dress and her fiancé showed up to her bridal shower in a tux and a top hat. So…who knows?

Over the summer, Aaron told GQ magazine that his fiancé is “the greatest woman that has ever existed. No offense to other women on this planet, but she is hands down the best.”

Apparently the couple met at Coachella. Who knew you could find true love through the haze of marijuana smoke and hipster music. 

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