The Adorable Lullaby Prince William Sings to the Royal Baby

Matt Dekneef

In the most humanizing admission the royals have maybe ever made, Prince William said he sings Coldplay songs to put Prince George to sleep.

Not even two weeks old, the royal parents Will and Kate Middleton are, um, enjoying many a sleepless night while the three stay with George’s grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

“William had no idea it would be this tough,” a royal insider said to the Daily Star. “He’s using a bizarre tactic of belting out Coldplay anthems at all hours of the night even though he can barely hold a note.”

The singing is “even keeping Kate’s parents awake.”

His favorite Coldplay tunes to croon? “‘Paradise,’” the source revealed, “and he also loves doing ‘Yellow.’”

“Coldplay aren’t even [William’s] favorite band,” added the source, “but George responds to their songs the most and settles back down.”

All we know is William whisper-singing, Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, to baby George will make for a darling scene in the inevitable Lifetime TV movie sequel about Will and Kate’s relationship.

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