Alex Pettyfer Shot Steamy Scene For ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Madison Vanderberg

Ladies. Put on a clean pair of underwear. Tell your husband to leave the room. And hold on to your f*cking hats, because Alex Pettyfer has just filmed a sex scene for Fifty Shades of Grey with acclaimed director Gus Van Sant.

Stop freaking out! Let us explain! Matt Bomer isn’t out of the running for Christian Grey just yet!

So, the Fifty Shades film is still in the writing phase, but Gus Van Sant REALLY wants to direct the film, so he went ahead and shot a scene from the book with Alex Pettyfer playing Christian Grey to convince the studio that he’s the director for the job.

According to The Wrap, they filmed the scene where Anastasia Steele loses her virginity. Sorry, our heart is like racing right now. So. Hard. To. Breathe.

However, the source was quick to point out that Pettyfer has not been cast in the film, but was just used in the test scene. Also, Pettyfer is only 23-years-old and Christian Grey is supposed to be 27 and super worldly. So, despite Pettyfer’s bone structure, grayish eyes and perfectly tousled gold hair…he might not be the guy for the actual job. He’s just too young.

As for who played Anastasia in the scene, the source says “several” unknown actresses filmed the scene with Pettyfer.

All we’re saying is…the scene better freaking leak to the Internet soon or we’re going to lose our minds!

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