Alex Trebek Reveals What Happened When He Ate a Whole Plate of Weed Brownies

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: NBC)

Good old Alex Trebek – the presenter is one of the nation’s most beloved public figures, and is trusted far and wide by anyone who’s ever sat down over their TV dinner to enjoy an episode of Jeopardy.

In celebration of Trebek’s 34th anniversary as the presenter for the quiz show, he sat down for a behind-the-scenes interview, in which he talked about his life, his aspirations, dreams, and personal successes.

Also, he spoke at length about the time he got ridiculously stoned by eating far too many hash brownies.

We’re getting to the point now where all the boring old people have died off, leaving us with an aging generation that remembers fondly what it was like to be young, wild, and fearless in a post-Summer of Love world.

It’s not too surprising, nor particularly controversial, to hear of any public figure who might have at one point or another enjoyed some less than entirely legal fun, especially when it comes to anything related to drugs.

What makes Trebek’s story so wonderfully adorable, then, is the fact that he insists that the one and only time he got high was a complete accident – he was invited to a friend’s house for dinner, saw a big plate of brownies, and eager started munching away without realizing that they were full of marijuana.

According to Trebek:

“It was by accident! I didn’t know what they were. I had just arrived in California and went to a friend’s house for dinner, and there were brownies. I love brownies— I’m a chocoholic —and I didn’t realize that they were hash brownies. And … whoa. That threw me for a loop.

“I took down about a half-dozen. The dinner party was on a Friday, and I was not able to leave that house until Sunday afternoon.”

Bless you, Trebek. Bless you for being so innocent that you didn’t question all the furtive glances your friends were giving each other while you gorged on weed brownies.

Source: NBC

It’s weird that nobody tried to stop you, though, and that nobody, throughout the entire evening, mentioned the magic ingredient in the dessert.

What’s really cute here is just how much the game show host insists that it was an accident. It’s okay, Alex, you’re in the clear – nobody’s going to press charges at this point.

Take this as today’s nice little reminder that some people are genuinely as innocent as adorable as they appear. As Hollywood is a mess of accusations and scandals right now, the worse skeleton in Alex Trebek’s closet is the time he accidentally got stoned at a friend’s house and then couldn’t leave for several days.