Amanda Bynes: I’m a Billionaire Like the Olsens

Madison Vanderberg

The delusional rabbit hole, also known as Amanda Bynes’ brain, continues to spiral into crazy town.

While we don’t doubt it, Amanda has just announced to InTouch, that she is crazy rich, like “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen” rich. Her words.

Amanda, who apparently speaks directly to tabloids now (sure, ok, whatever) has just revealed, “I’m in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth [category].”

Also, known as “child star” rich. The only known child star not in that category? Lindsay Lohan.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of MK&Ash wealth she’s referring to. Because the Olsen girls’ fashion empire is worth $1 Billion, but their personal net worth is about $150 million each.

So, Amanda is worth anywhere between $150 million and $1 Billion and OMG she’s rich!

Ever since Amanda “retired” from acting at age 24, she’s just been burning that pile of cash, because she technically has no income. Not even an endorsement or residuals. Nothing.

A “source” close to Amanda (Who? Who is this source? She has friends?) apparently seems to know every detail of Amanda’s checking account and says the actress is blowing through cash like Rihanna at a strip club.

“Her spending is out of control,” says the “friend.”

Amanda reportedly stayed at the W hotel for a month, spent $11,000 on full head hair extensions, and takes up to five cabs in one day, according to an “eyewitness.”

We also don’t believe the “eyewitness.” Who follows Amanda around for a full day and saw her get in and out of 5 cabs? That makes zero sense.

She’s rumored to be spending about $1,000 a month on taxis.

“[Amanda] is going to run out of money sooner or later. The girl no longer has an income.”

Then again, we DID see Amanda stopping by an ATM on several occasions and handing a wad of cash to her “friend.”

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