Amanda Bynes to Leave Rehab Just Before Christmas

Madison Vanderberg

Finally, poor Amanda Bynes is going to be released after her marathon stint in rehab. Sure, lots of people go to rehab for 90 days. But remember, Amanda was also in a psych ward for several weeks before she moved into the Malibu rehab center.

TMZ has learned that Amanda will be let out just before Christmas.

So what’s going to happen then? Well, Amanda will be released into her parent’s care and stay at their home just outside of LA.

Doctors at the rehab center say Amanda is doing well and has stabilized thanks to meds and therapy. However, the doctor’s still have one concern.

Because of all the paparazzi outside the rehab facility, Amanda can’t go outside. Because A) she’s fearfull of being photographed and B) the staff is afraid other patients will be stalked by paparazzi if Amanda is near them.

So aside from her rumored two-per-week day passes which she’s supposedly enjoying without being followed, Amanda hasn’t been able to go outside.


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