Amanda Bynes Mom Granted Conservatorship

Madison Vanderberg

It was revealed today that Amanda Bynes will remain in a psychiatric unit another 30 days against her will. It was also reported that Amanda lost all legal rights over her own well-being.

Although Amanda opposed it, her mom Lynn Bynes was granted a temporary conservatorship, which will give her control over Amanda Bynes’ well-being and her $3 million fortune until September 30.

As for her medical care, her doctors will have control over her treatment for the next 30 days at least.

The judge made this ruling after deciding that Amanda lacked the “capacity to give consent for medical care.”

The ruling is very severe and Harvard Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell (who has NOT personally treated Amanda) tells Hollyscoop that when someone is put in a psych ward for 30 days, it’s because “there is ample evidence of a serious disorder that is impairing Amanda’s safety and ability to live freely in the community.”

As for what’s next for Amanda, standard procedure is:

“She will now stay on a locked psychiatric ward until doctors have been able to treat her to the point that she no longer poses a threat to herself or society,” Helen speculates. 

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