Amanda Bynes Shows Off Creepy Cheek Piercing

Madison Vanderberg

Further fueling those “Amanda Bynes is nuts” rumors, Amanda Bynes got a cheek piercing and showed it off on Tumblr.

Yeah, a ring is pierced through a hole in her cheek. While this isn’t a new trend in facial piercings, it’s arguably the most frightening.

Amanda just got a Tumblr two days ago and so far she’s been posting images of mustaches and “inspirational quotes” like this one that just says, “Calm” or this one that says, “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful.”

Real life-altering stuff, you guys.

But the most shocking are these photos of her cheek piercing. Cheek piercings are supposed to go where dimples would naturally fall, but in this case, it just kind of looks like Amanda got a piece of food stuck to her face.

I’m wondering if this was an attempt to bring Amanda out of her near obscurity or if this is just step one in a series of soon-to-come complicated facial piercings.

Also, don’t Google, “cheek piercings.” I just did and now I’m kind of nauseous.

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