Amanda Bynes Starts Feud With Jay-Z

Matt Dekneef


Amanda Bynes just made the worst decision of her career. It is worse than her DUI. Worse than her PUI (piercing under the influence). Absolutely worse than starring in a movie based entirely on a Christina Aguilera song from 2003.

Amanda just composed an insulting tweet involving Jay-Z, an Illuminati high priest.

She called him “Ugly face.

Everyone just start sending your salutations to @AmandaBynes and make #ByeByeBynes a trending topic because there went her career. Her soul officially gave up on everything.

The now “retired actress” (LOL, okay Amanda, call us when you need a ride after your shift at Banana Republic later) tweeted the caption “Ugly face” accompanied by an image of a bespectacled Jay-Z this morning. Obviously she doesn’t regularly DVR “Conspiracy Theory” on truTV or have an offbeat roommate obsessed with super secret Hollywood cults because if she did she wouldn’t have been so careless. She’s since deleted it now, possibly out of Beyoncé-sized levels of fear which is only natural considering, but what was her motive?

Upon closer inspection of the pointed comment, the tweet was originally targeted at someone named @S_C.

Who is @S_C? What did @S_C do to awaken Bynes’s social media slumber? And then drag Jay-Z into the mix? The plot thickens…

After careful inspection of the account, @S_C has made two tweets in total, both in a foreign language, enough to amass a distinguished total of six followers. @S_C’s avatar is also a plate of Japanese fish eggs. In short, @S_C is no one.

Tweeting at an inactive plate of Japanese food?

Amanda Bynes is officially insane.