Amanda Seyfried Dating Justin Long?

Matt Dekneef

Have you heard? Amanda Seyfried is reportedly dating that guy you were mildly obsessed with four years ago, mainly because you thought it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Then you realized, nope, it was really Justin Long.

Eyewitnesses say they saw Amanda and Jusin being “almost inseparable” at a post-screening after party of the actress’s latest film Lovelace.

Apparently the chemistry was palpable. At the Refinery Rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline (romantic!), “they looked cozy in a corner,” a source told the New York Post, chilling and hanging out “till closing time.”

No word on whether they left together.

Talking about the types of guys she likes, Amanda said to The Sun, “there’s something about someone who is broken, for me, and for a lot of women that I’ve spoken to…They’re interesting and mysterious and they provide us with this rush and this need to chase or fix, just these needs they fill in yourself.”

Amanda has previously been tied to Ryan Phillippe and Dominic Cooper; Justin once dated Drew Barrymore.

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