Angelina Jolie Still Wearing Alleged Wedding Band

Madison Vanderberg

Usually we don’t keep up with “Brangelina Secretly Married” stories because they are always based on Angelina wearing ANY ring on her left hand and written because bloggers are short on stories. But we think this band on Angelina’s ring finger is weirdly suspicious. It probably IS a wedding ring.

Angelina has been wearing what looks like a wedding band paired with her engagement ring for several weeks now. Either she got a simple band that just screams “marriage” and decided to have a fashion moment, or that’s a wedding ring. 

Angelina Jolie was down in Australia working on her new film Unbroken and was casually flashing her ring finger, like no big deal.

Honestly, Brad and Angie are so casual and anti-fame now, they only do “serious movies” and have lots of kids to care for. We wouldn’t be surprised if they got hitched at a courthouse and have been married this whole time. 

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