‘Anna Nicole’ Biopic Makes Lifetime Debut

Madison Vanderberg

Just like the channel did with Elizabeth Taylor in “Liz & Dick,” Anna Nicole Smith is getting the Lifetime treatment.

“Anna Nicole” premieres this weekend and the trailer has us hooked. The preview features Anna Nicole’s tragic ascent from Playboy model to young wife to socialite and back down again, all set to a chillingly ironic soundtrack from “Fame.”

Actress Agnes Bruckner gives an eerily pitch perfect portrayal of the former tabloid star in what she’s calling, “one of the favorite roles I have ever played. I think people will be blown away [by the film], I think it is going to be epic.”

Talking about Anna Nicole’s onscreen persona, Agnes tells Hollyscoop that after doing the movie, she realized that everything she thought she knew about Anna Nicole wasn’t the whole truth.

“I became really protective over her,” Agnes tells us, “I became really defensive after learning that she got married so young and had a kid so young. She did not have a good support system or a family, she didn’t have anyone there for her. Learning that, you can understand why she was [seen] as crazy.”

“Anna Nicole” premieres Saturday, June 29 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 


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