Anne Hathaway Wins Best Supporting Actress

Madison Vanderberg

“It came true,” was how Anne Hathaway started her Oscar acceptance speech.

To no one’s surprise, Anne Hathaway won for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserables.

Anne first thanked her fellow nominees and then Hugh Jackman, who she gushed over.

“Hugh you are the best,” she said through tears.

She ended her speech by saying she hopes no one ever has to deal with in real-life what her character (a prostitute) in Les Miserables had to deal with.

Anne Hathaway tried her hardest to give a totally vulnerable and honest acceptance speech after she was criticized for her Golden Globes acceptance speech, but unfortunately we can already see the blogosphere ripping the poor girl apart tomorrow for her Oscar speech.

She’s getting mixed reviews on Twitter already.

We though Anne killed it in Les Miserables, but the Internet isn’t a fan of her Oscar speech.

Comedian @michaelianblack wrote, “Anne Hathaway forgot to thank whoever replace her bones with al dente spaghetti.”

Comedienne Fortune Feimster commented on Anne’s bit about prostitutes finding a silver lining and tweeted, “‘To all you poor hookers out there, it gets better,’ – Anne Hathaway.”

Joel McHale wrote, “This Anne Hathaway win is simply the Academy’s ‘make good’ for snubbing her performance in BRIDE WARS. #OscarWithJoel.”

But Katie Couric loved her, writing, “Confession: Anne Hathaway’s performance made me cry when I saw Les Miserables – loved her in it! #Oscars.”

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